Beware Of Sentient Lasers Located in Utah – Scam Company

If You Are Looking To Sue Scott Carson – He Is Behind “Sentient Medical Technolgies LLC”

If you are one of many individuals who have been scammed and have had your money stolen by one of the many fake corporations that Scott Carson has setup to hide behind, then you are not alone.

Scott Carson, a convicted scam artist has setup multiple corporations in the past, stolen hundreds of thousands of dollars from innocent individuals, and then he has filed bankruptcy and moved on to create a new company.

Sentient Medical Technologies is Scott Carson’s latest scam corporation.

He has been behind numerous scam corporations in the past including:

Med-1 Online
5601 Gray St. Suite B
Arvada, CO 80002

4403 Table Mountain Drive Suite #B
Golden, CO 80403

Certsave LLC
10440 Bradford Road
Littleton, CO 80127

5925 Mountain Ranch Drive
Park City, UT 84098

Sentient Medical Technologies LLC
128 West 320 South
Suite 106
Kamas, UT 84036-8508
Phone: (855) 819-3781
Direct Line: (435) 783-3207
Kamas Office: (435) 783-3206

Sentient Medical Technologies, LLC
Corporate Office
14 Inverness Drive East, B-104
Englewood, CO 80112

Sentient Medical Technologies LLC
128 W. 320 S., Suite 106
Kamas, UT 84036
The following individuals have been associated to work with Scott Carson:
Marilyn Carson
Susan Carson
Nick DeSoto
Tara Mercer
Tucker Whalen
Eric Olsen
Renee Gregory
Gaylene Ramirez
Douglas Kath
Justin Williams
Mike Moreno
Teresa Clark
Benjamin Gregory
Ben Anderton

I can not tell you about how many stories I have heard of people who have lost money to Scott Carson’s companies. Scott Carson is a very smart man and he knows how to hide behind his fake corporations and get away with his scams. He has become a rich man by stealing and scamming many people. Many have tried to sue him but have not been successful because Scott Carson knows how to play the system. His latest scan company, Sentient Medical Technologies, is based in Utah because of the protections Utah offers to corporations and individuals.

Please post your stories on this blog.

I hope that this can help those who have been scammed by Scott Carson’s companies by uniting everyone together and bringing him to justice.